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Client feedback

 “When staff come to work each day, they have a choice in the way they feel about their job. Your sessions help people to see that their work can be enjoyable and they do make a difference to peoples’ lives.”
         (Tony Arnell, Commissioner, Building Commission, Victoria. 2008)



“I think it’s your energy and the way you get your message across in a fun way. People leave having learned something new they can use personally and at work. We keep hiring you because people are always keen to attend.”
       (Theresa Khatchian, National H&S Co-ord. Land Transport NZ, 2008)



“Patricia Cameron-Hill has a unique talent for both entertaining and informing. She keeps her audience enthralled and in stitches while imparting practical strategies for staying sane and juggling the ever- growing demands of the home and workplace.”
       (Sue Maloney, Marketing/Events Mgr. Learning Network, NZ, 2008)


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