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Managing Stress is central to building resilience

There is no shortage of information on how to manage stress or building resilience. What is often missing is how to make the strategies relevant, interesting and fun to learn.

The path we offer is humour and laughter. This can lead to relaxed and attentive audience members who are more likely to be motivated to make the needed lifestyle changes. They discover that some remedies for stress are quite simple, including laughter and rediscover the importance having of a sense of humour.

In our careers as a nurse and doctor we have seen first hand the causes and consequences of stress. This has influenced what we teach, especially the vital connection between good emotions and health and wellbeing.

Our insights and ideas have been developed over decades of research and experience working with diverse client groups.

We present seminars and keynotes, with a range of educational DVDs. We are also authors of the books You wont die laughing! and Doctor I feel funny.

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